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Who better to design a FEC software system than an FEC owner. CEO, and designer of Party Center Software began his career in the FEC business with a struggling Indoor Bounce Center. When trying to get organized and increase revenue with online party booking, Scott turned to software to try to manage his facility. During his search he found that the software currently on the market was not only expensive, but there was no software package that would do everything that he wanted.

As a result of his findings, Scott decided to develop his own software. His background in the FEC industry allowed him, as it does today, to create a software package that fits the industry. Not only is Party Center Software user friendly, it encompasses many of the key areas that are overlooked by other software companies that do not have the experience of managing a Family Entertainment Center.

If you would like to hear more about the software contact Scott Drummond at 888-804-1166. Live software demonstrations are available! Email us at